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We like to keep things simple…

Select from Business Partner Services and Project Services

Business Partner Services

Retain Your HR Partner on a monthly basis at a reduced price from standard consultancy fees. Your HR Partner will tailor your services based on your particular business needs, which we believe is a fair and effective way to offer services. Only pay for the level of service that you need (basic option commences at $120 per month). Add on projects easily as required.

What does this give me?

By keeping Your HR Partner on retainer, you have priority service for your people needs. We understand that when things go wrong with people in the workplace, there is a need to act decisively and promptly. We help you manage difficult conversations, performance issues and misconduct matters. This cost effective service will also provide you with peace of mind. For a nominal fee each month you have access to phone and email communication with an experienced HR Manager.

Contact Your HR Partner for a full run down of our Business Partner Service. Don’t get caught short managing Awards, awkward conversations, performance or misconduct issues again!

How can I get out of this option?

We understand that running a business is a financial balance. While we know that you will benefit greatly from outsourced HR services that provide protection and value to your business, we also know that things happen and business needs change. With 30 days’ notice, you can opt out of our retainer services. We are very easy to deal with and aim to support your business needs.

You don’t build a business – you build people and then people build the business


Project Based Services

This option allows you the flexibility of working with us on a needs basis. You might be very comfortable managing your day-to-day people needs, but require some support from time to time. We are happy to jump in. Projects will be quoted upfront and include things such as (but are by no means limited to):

  • HR documentation / compliance: Every business needs to be compliant with employment law, regardless of its size. Not only that, there are policies that are that are just smart to have. We know what to look for in a robust HR framework. Your HR Partner can provide letters of engagement (contracts), solid job descriptions, on-boarding documents, policies, procedures and more. Manage performance with confidence.
  • HR desk audit: This handy option will provide you with a gap analysis for your compliance along with practical recommendations.
  • Recruitment: Many employers don’t really know how to recruit well. Whether helping you draft a good ad and shortlist a big pile of applications right through to sitting on your interview panel with you, Your HR Partner’s recruitment experience will be invaluable to you. Don’t like sifting through applications? Send them our way and we’ll do it for you! Don’t leave recruitment to chance; a good hire is gold to your business (literally)!
  • People strategy: If you need some help linking the people side of your business to the strategy side of your business, you’ve come to the right place. People can make or break your hard work. Investment in people is key to business success. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the people out of your business equation!
  • Training: Katie can help you customise a training session for your business. Consider your people and development needs. Your needs are our needs.
  • Development: Whether it’s a key person you’d like to grow or a team that you’d like to improve or make more cohesive, developing and coaching people is right up our alley. We don’t just do it. We enjoy it and we’re good at it!
  • Business change/s: One of the critical issues facing business owners and managers is that of change. How do I meet my obligations as an employer when I make changes that affect my employees? Did you know that this is legislated and you have an obligation? Whether it is a simple restructure or a larger change event, Your HR Partner can support you with the consultation process and communications with your staff around changes, including big change such as restructure or redundancies etc. How you manage change can make or break trust including that of your customers. Protect your business from claims against you and seek to manage change smartly and proactively.
  • YOU: If you are looking for a business partner to work with you on your own management, people skills, communication, business strategy / plan or whatever else is of value to you – Your HR Partner will support you on the journey. (You can also access this as a business retainer service over a set period.)
  • …or…? Discuss your needs to see what Your HR Partner can do for you.

Projects are a great way to access the experience of HR support without recruiting HR personnel. Projects will be commenced after formal acceptance of the provided quote and will work on a 50/50 basis; 50% payable upfront with the remainder on completion of the project. Our professional services are value for business.

What Your HR Partner doesn’t do…

We do not provide any financial or legal advice. We do not undertake payroll or book-keeping services. Any advice on pay and entitlement will be general in nature, e.g. according to Fair Work requirements, Modern Awards and the National Employment Standards. You will need to access your own legal advice when it comes to your own legal responsibilities.

Disclaimer: Using the services of Your HR Partner doesn't replace your obligation as a business owner or manager to act fairly and to access the relevant information that you require for your decision making, such as financial and legal advice. Your HR Partner provides generalist HR services. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that advice is sound and relevant, Your HR Partner is not responsible for you acting outside of the advice or recommendation given and/or misinterpreting advice or recommendation given. Your HR Partner is also reliant on the information provided by you, the business representative, when providing advice and recommendation to you based on that information. Your HR Partner will endeavour to act fairly and responsibly in your best interests but cannot be held responsible for the actions of your employees, including that of legal action (of which employees have certain rights).